Rihanna Prada Sunglasses

Ever since breaking onto the scene, Rihanna has made it quite clear that she knows no boundaries when it comes to fashion and being a trend setter.

And its quite clear Ms. Rihanna owns just about every pair of designer sunglasses available on the market today, including this cute little over sized pair of Prada sunglasses pictured above.

Not surprisingly, most of these stylish shades are sold for a couple hundred bucks a pop. However if you wanna snag a pair of these Prada 18IS sunglasses, they often sell for about $150.

Rihanna Bra Size

There seems to be a bit of debate going on regarding the bra size of our beloved Rihanna. And while its not exactly a huge story, its definitely worth blogging about.

So, one side says that her cup size is B and the other folks say shes a C cup...

And while we could chase our tails all night trying to decide for sure, let me be the first to say that Rihanna's bra size is a full 34B. Right to the rim...

Rihanna Birthday

Rihanna has seen such a huge amount of success so quickly, sometimes its hard to believe that she is only 22 years old.

That's right people, Rihanna's birthday is February 20, 1988.

The question is, what do you give a girl for her birthday, when she already has everything...

Rihanna Height

We all know that Rihanna has legs for days, but does everyone know how tall she really is?
Well the word on the street says that Rihanna's actual height is 5 feet 8 inches tall.

I personally think taller girls are where its at, am i right people!?! Give it up for tree toppers!

Rihanna Net Worth

Rihanna is perhaps the fastest rising young star in the music industry, and believe it or not Rihanna is already estimated to be worth a huge chunk of change.

Rihanna's official net worth is listed at $25 million buckaroos!

Not bad for being so early in her career.